Founded in 1996, Apollo Instruments, Inc. is an entrepreneurial company devoted to the development of high-performance instruments and devices by applying optical and technologies. Conveniently located in Irvine, CA, Apollo Instruments provides fiber-coupled laser diodes and corresponding turnkey systems,fiber lasers, as well as other laser systems.

Other main activities also include contract research and custom optical design services. The research area and expertise of Apollo Instruments include optics lenses design, opto-mechanical design, optical metrology. Laser devices and applications. Our research team is highly experienced and has a great track record. Apollo Instruments always welcomes new opportunities in contract research as well as opportunities for collaboration.

Apollo Instruments' superior optical technology and quality product line has placed it among the leading companies in today's laser diode market. Achieving high brightness in high-power laser diode beam delivery is crucial step in the successful and efficient use of high-powered laser diodes in many applications. Apollo Instruments has developed advanced beam-shaping optics in laser diode arrays that can substantially maintain brightness while increasing power output by beam combination. Our products press the limit of today's power and brightness levels together with superior performance, high availability, customer application considerations, and system flexibility. Our products range from collimated and fiber coupled modules to user-friendly turnkey system; Our laser diode system for material processing and direct laser diode cutting, welding widely use in industries field. The award winning technology, which allows great flexibility in system configuration. Whether your need is from our standard product line or a highly customized device, our engineers are always happy to provide solutions that satisfy your applications.